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    1. Wilkie, DJ; Huang, HY; Reilly, N; Cain, KC
      Nociceptive and neuropathic pain in patients with lung cancer: A comparison of pain quality descriptors

    2. Baines, PB; Reilly, N; van Saene, HKF
      Control of resistance to sulphonamides

    3. Reilly, N
      The Workers' Revolt in Canada, 1917-1925

    4. Biagi, F; Ellis, HJ; Parnell, NDJ; Shidrawi, RG; Thomas, PD; O'Reilly, N; Corazza, GR; Ciclitira, PJ
      A non-toxic analogue of a coeliac-activating gliadin peptide: a basis for immunomodulation?

    5. Meade, T; Sleight, P; Collins, R; Armitage, J; Parish, S; Peto, R; Youngman, L; Buxton, M; de Bono, D; Fuller, J; Keech, A; Mansfield, A; Pentecost, B; Simpson, D; Warlow, C; O'Toole, L; Doll, R; Wilhelmsen, L; Fox, K; Hill, C; Sandercock, P; Barton, J; Bray, C; Jayne, K; Lawson, A; Harding, P; Lay, M; Wallendszus, K; Benjamin, N; Webster, J; Jamieson, J; Donald, L; Blandford, R; Carrington, L; McMahon, H; Cheetham, D; Reckless, J; Brice, L; Carpenter, R; Christmas, J; Flower, C; Cooper, I; Frampton, S; Pickerell, E; Wells, J; Scott, M; Crowe, V; Shaw, A; Shannon, L; Jones, S; Faulkner, G; Lavery, A; O'Leary, H; Watson, R; Capewell, C; Hughes, S; Bain, S; Jones, A; Holmes, G; Jewkes, C; Bellamy, T; Harrison, P; Buller, N; Nield, H; Smith, E; Vint, P; Crook, P; Williams, J; Bateson, M; Cawley, P; Gill, P; Simpson, K; Armitage, M; Cope, C; Tricksey, J; Wilson, M; Cottrell, S; Jones, C; Llewellyn, M; Smith, P; Woodsford, T; Vincent, R; Joyce, E; Skipper, N; Peters, P; Lemon, M; Stansbie, D; Kidan, AH; Halestrap, M; Gibbons, A; Meredith, J; Dawkins, C; Papouchado, M; Baker, L; Boulton, K; Dawe, C; Lewis, A; Wisby, J; Brown, M; Emeny, J; Smith, W; Trutwein, D; Cornwell, M; Lloyd, D; White, C; Khalifa, M; MacKereth, N; Martin, G; Baxter, M; Chambers, R; Glenn, S; Kerr, J; Golesworthy, G; Watts, A; Baines, G; Groom, J; Price, L; Barlow, I; Mallya, S; Lewis, S; Maiden, J; Nash, M; Lowe, V; Scott, A; Cozens, S; Hannah, J; Hinwood, M; Millward, J; Murphy, J; Charters, M; Graham, B; Banks, M; Nobbs, R; Kemp, T; Turner, P; Sheldrake, S; Labib, M; Pearson, R; Sidaway, J; Davies, P; Hodgkiss, M; MacLeod, D; Stuart, R; Albrock, J; Fisher, J; Stuart, F; Swainson, C; Glenn, S; Johnston, J; Sadler, S; Curren, M; Feirnie, S; Stenhouse, L; Lindley, R; Warlow, C; Kenny, A; Waddell, F; Brownlie, M; Guilar, I; Marshall, A; Went, J; Clarke, S; Inman, A; Simmonds, J; Duook, B; Mortimore, G; Pascoe, A; Cobbe, S; Campbell, C; Young, H; Keeble, M; Absalom, S; Bracey, N; Falco, L; Stone, D; Tildesley, G; Carr, B; Longstaff, G; Turner, A; Wilkinson, H; Wilkinson, S; Hillson, R; Brookes, D; Capper, B; Price, K; Badrick, V; Griffiths, H; Fitzgerald, J; Lewis, S; Campbell, P; Baines, G; Claypole, G; Lomas, J; Rogers, A; Brown, A; Cheshire, J; Rowley, J; Ball, S; Prentice, C; Hall, A; Atha, P; Caffrey, K; Currie, W; Hague, C; Hall, S; Maguire, P; Rose, C; Watson, R; Buxton, A; Wedgwood, A; Gilbey, S; Currie, W; Drury, K; Hall, S; Rose, C; Wilson, J; Vaughn, M; Humphrey, P; Blocksage, J; McSloy, R; Ost, K; Owen, L; Saminaden, S; Watling, D; Wiseman, J; Davies, J; Kehely, A; Kooner, J; Capper, B; Corbett, I; Peters, J; Price, K; Van Goethem, M; Chambers, J; Crawshaw, M; O'Sullivan, J; Powell, S; Reoch, M; Sanders, J; Beament, MF; Fangrad, B; Williams, Y; Banim, S; Crake, T; Ford, B; Glynn, V; Ismail, S; Buller, N; Coats, A; Aitken, L; Cruddas, E; Serup-Hansen, K; Nosworthy, D; Reilly, N; Coppack, S; Clifton, P; Holmes, A; Camplin, L; Travill, C; Gent, S; Hunter, A; Stroud, C; Griffiths, K; Davies, E; Mason, M; Robinson, A; Belfield, S; Chambers, J; Bispham, L; Mercer, A; Sheppard, J; Burrage, S; Cruickshank, K; Chan, KL; Wharfe, V; Woodward, J; Alexander, F; Williams, Y; Walker, M; Thomas, P; Day, J; Edwards, S; Nicholson, P; Gleeson, S; Savage, M; Swan, J; McSorland, D; Waywell, C; O'Neill, C; Wharton, L; Adams, P; Lindley, R; Cartilidge, N; Mace, M; Thompson, M; Hulmes, J; Armitage, J; Collins, R; Sleight, P; Beebe, S; Campbell, M; Fitzgerald, J; Goodwin, S; Lawson, A; Lochhead, H; Whitbread, P; Knight, S; Taylor, A; Booker, V; Brooker, R; Bruce, N; Cody, A; Corbett, M; Crowther, J; Greenlaw, R; Hauer, B; Heineman, J; Hope, C; Indge, C; Jones, R; Jones, S; King, M; Lang, H; McCabe, P; Monaghan, H; Murphy, K; Owers, A; Peto, C; Pickworth, S; Radley, A; Rowe, A; Southren, S; Wilson, S; Wincott, E; Youngman, L; Buckingham, L; Burton, M; Chukwarah, B; Clark, S; Colominas, C; Crowley, S; Edwards, S; Hill, J; Kourellias, K; Lennon, C; McAteer, M; Miller, N; Radley, M; Taylor, J; Baigent, C; Chen, Z; Clarke, R; Sudlow, C; Findlay, I; Campbell, C; Hunter, J; Young, H; McNally, E; Crowe, P; Crowe, V; Hunter, B; Shaw, A; Shannon, L; Curless, R; Lindley, R; McKenna, P; Roberts, S; Black, A; Martin, J; Burt, M; O'Donnell, J; Marsh, S; Woodward, J; O'Hare, R; Owen, C; McLeod, A; Richardson, M; Reeves, C; Mallya, R; Forshaw, J; Hodson, J; Lenden, H; Osborn, G; Barren, J; Ballard, A; Docherty, B; McDonnell, M; Ritson, S; Tyler, D; Carter, S; Rigney, C; Wray, R; Gaughan, K; Sinclair, J; Burleigh, J; McDonald, J; Venables, G; Doyle, C; Fox, M; Mundey, L; Strafford, S; Lloyd-Mostyn, R; Bailey, D; McKenzie, I; Bamford, R; Thomas, P; Thomas, R; Alexander, C; Chohan, R; Wood, K; Capps, N; Stiles, C; Tonks, L; Crank, S; Cunnington, A; Giles, P; Groves, N; Walton, E; Dance, W; Clements, M; Feben, C; Hunter, A; Walker, E; Atkins, L; Williats, R; Hughes, E; Sidaway, J; Sumara, S; Banks, G; Glover, R; Hall, K; Munro, A; Pycock, C; Tibbutt, D; Cadwell, J; Greenwood, M; Betts, M; Signy, M; Joyce, E; Wrapson, C; McCourt, G; Moore, R; Price, S; Regan, R; Aldersley, M; Pendry, P
      MRC BHFHeart Protection Study of cholesterol-lowering therapy and of antioxidant vitamin supplementation in a wide range of patients at increased risk of coronary heart disease death: early safety and efficacy experience

    6. Friedland, D; Cohen, J; Miller, R; Voloshin, M; Gluckman, R; Lembersky, B; Zidar, B; Keating, M; Reilly, N; Dimitt, B
      A phase II trial of docetaxel (Taxotere) in hormone-refractory prostate cancer: Correlation of antitumor effect to phosphorylation of Bcl-2

    7. Cate, JC; Reilly, N
      Evaluation and implementation of the gel test for indirect antiglobulin testing in a community hospital laboratory

    8. Shull, BL; Hurt, G; Halaska, M; Kinn, A; Laycock, J; Palmtag, H; Reilly, N; Yang, Y; Zubieta, R
      Physical examination

    9. Reilly, N
      Power at odds: The 1922 national railroad shopmen's strike


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