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The Advanced Glaucoma Intervention Study, 8: Risk of cataract formation after trabeculectomy
Blackwell, B; Ederer, F; Van Veldhuisen, PC; Sullivan, EK; Dally, LG; Weber, PA; Miller, E; Katz, LJ; Ashburn, F; Beck, A; Costarides, A; Leef, D; Closek, J; Banks, J; Jackson, S; Moore, K; Vela, A; Brown, RH; Lynch, M; Gunsby, J; Lober, K; Marsh, T; Stepka, C; Montgomery, R; Clagett, D; Ashburn, F; Schacht, K; Coyle, E; Garland, MK; Lauber, S; Michelitsch, K; Plavnieks, S; Vayer, L; Burt, E; Hundley, M; Rae, A; Allen, RC; Miller, E; Sporn, A; Fendley, CK; Hoyle, LS; Weber, PA; McKinney, K; Moore, D; Lauderbaugh, T; Baker, ND; Kapetansky, F; Lehmann, D; Black, L; Derick, R; Gloeckner, B; Coleman, K; Cassady, M; Sharf, LJ; Romans, B; Satterwhite, Y; Simmons, L; Vela, MA; Harbin, TS; Brannon, L; LaSalle, J; Degenhardt, G; Bridgman, SA; Ozment, RR; Gunsby, J; Hooper, M; Wright, J; Goldstein, S; Butler, L; Perry, M; Eckel, A; Martin, A; Nummerdor, D; Wille, L; Cyrlin, MN; Dubay, H; Fazio, R; Corbin, PS; Wilensky, JT; Lindenmuth, K; Hillman, D; Carroll, CA; Hatton, J; Sonty, S; Carroll, CA; Higginbotham, EJ; Scholes, G; Uva, R; Fiene, J; Frohlichstein, D; Gates, V; Pappas, L; Rathbone, D; Tadelman, M; Hopkins, G; Lichter, PR; Bergstrom, TJ; Moroi, SE; Pollack-Rundle, CJ; Standardi, C; Abt, L; Van Heck, T; Skuta, GL; Higginbotham, EJ; Schertzer, RM; Wicker, D; Michael, B; Aaron, D; Birk, J; Brown, RS; Dederian, J; Kruscke, L; Ziehm-Scott, J; Papierniak-Dubiel, R; Prum, BE; Newman, SA; Powell, L; Evans, C; Barbour, N; Shoffstall-Tyler, L; Voight, T; Nordlund, JR; Schott, LJ; Fornili, R; Chisholm, J; Harrell, C; Harris, C; Murphy, E; Schwartz, AL; Weiss, H; Boeckl, A; Tillman, C; Boeckl, A; Maloney, L; Cirone, M; Gurley, J; Morris, M; ODea, M; Pappas, S; Wehrly, S; Reed, C; Witol, CV; Browning, J; Carmody, K; Driskell, T; Harris, E; Lopez, P; Mercer, R; Monks, V; Vawter, K; Zhao, J; Katz, LJ; Spaeth, GL; Wilson, RP; Myers, J; Samuel, F; Meli, A; Kao, S; Terebuh, A; Beckershoff, CC; Shields, MB; Shafranov, G; Leone, A; Grottole, G; Miller, E; Caprioli, J; Tressler, C; Roche-Manna, M; VanVeldhuisen, PC; Ederer, F; Dally, LG; Blackwell, B; Inman, P; Raitt, S; Lindblad, AS; Knoke, JD; Sullivan, EK; Wu, LL; Entler, G; Phillips, P; Smith, C; Bradford, M; Denekas, M; Wagner, EL; Stine, E; Tomlin, KL; Voss, T; Furberg, CD; Connett, JE; Davis, MD; Dueker, DK; Green, SB; Palmberg, PF; Ederer, F; Gaasterland, DE; Cotch, MF; Leikin, S; Schneiderman, M; Hamilton, MP; Mowery, RL; VanVeldhuisen, PC; Schwartz, AL; Lindblad, AS; Knoke, JD; Sullivan, EK; Schwartz, AL; Kassoff, A; Cotch, MF; Cyrlin, MN; Vela, MA; Caprioli, J; Higginbotham, EJ; Skuta, GL; Katz, LJ; Weber, PA; Allen, RC; Wilensky, JT; Miller, E; Brown, R; Prum, B; Cyrlin, M; Beck, A; Lichter, P; Leef, D; McKinney, K; Reed, C; Uva, R; Samuel, F; Roche-Manna, M; Standardi, C; Coyle, E; Boeckl, A; Pollack-Rundle, CJ; Carroll, CA; Sporn, A; Leone, A; Mowery, RL; Kassoff, A; Katz, LJ; Leef, D; Skuta, GL; Samuel, F; Lindblad, AS; Reed, C; Beckershoff, CC; Entler, G; Wagner, EL;
EMMES Corp, Potomac, MD USA EMMES Corp Potomac MD USAEMMES Corp, Potomac, MD USA Wills Eye Hosp & Res Inst, Philadelphia, PA USA Wills Eye Hosp & Res InstPhiladelphia PA USA Inst, Philadelphia, PA USA Washington Hosp Ctr, Chevy Chase, MD USA Washington Hosp Ctr Chevy Chase MD USA ton Hosp Ctr, Chevy Chase, MD USA Univ Virginia, Charlottesville, VA USA Univ Virginia Charlottesville VA USA v Virginia, Charlottesville, VA USA Univ Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA Univ Michigan Ann Arbor MI USA 48109 iv Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA Sinai Hosp Detroit, Southfield, MI USA Sinai Hosp Detroit Southfield MI USA ai Hosp Detroit, Southfield, MI USA Piedmont Hosp, Atlanta, GA USA Piedmont Hosp Atlanta GA USAPiedmont Hosp, Atlanta, GA USA Virginia Commonwealth Univ Med Coll Virginia, Richmond, VA USA Virginia Commonwealth Univ Med Coll Virginia Richmond VA USA ond, VA USA Georgetown Univ, Washington, DC USA Georgetown Univ Washington DC USAGeorgetown Univ, Washington, DC USA Emory Univ, Atlanta, GA 30322 USA Emory Univ Atlanta GA USA 30322Emory Univ, Atlanta, GA 30322 USA
Titolo Testata:
fascicolo: 12, volume: 119, anno: 2001,
pagine: 1771 - 1780
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Clinical Medicine
Life Sciences
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Indirizzo: Van Veldhuisen, PC AGIS Coordinating Ctr, Adv Glaucoma Intervent Study, 401 N Washington St,Suite 700, Rockville, MD 20850 USA AGIS Coordinating Ctr 401 N Washington St,Suite 700 Rockville MD USA 20850
B. Blackwell et al., "The Advanced Glaucoma Intervention Study, 8: Risk of cataract formation after trabeculectomy", ARCH OPHTH, 119(12), 2001, pp. 1771-1780


Objectives: To compare the risk of cataract formation in eyes with and without prior trabeculectomy and to assess other risk factors for cataract. Methods: The Advanced Glaucoma Intervention Study (AGIS) has been following 789 eyes in 591 patients with medically uncontrolled open-angle glaucoma. From 1988 to 1992, these eyes were randomly assigned to either an argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT)-trabeculectomy-trabeculectomy treatment sequence or a trabeculectomy-ALT-trabeculectomy sequence. Cox regression analyses were used to assess risk factors for cataract formation during 7 to 11 years of follow-up. Main Outcome Measures: Cataract, defined as either having had cataract surgery or confirmed severe lens opacity with a best-corrected Early TreatmentDiabetic Retinopathy Study visual acuity score less than 65 letters (worsethan 20/50). Results: Data are presented on the expected 5-year cumulative probability of cataract formation in each randomized sequence by age and presence of diabetes at study entry. Overall, approximately half of the eyes studied developed cataract. A first trabeculectomy, whether as the first or second AGISintervention, increased the overall risk of cataract by 78% (risk ratio [RR]=1.78; P < .001). Diabetes (RR=1.47; P=.004) and age at study entry (RR=1.07 per year of age; P < .001) were also risk factors for cataract. When postoperative complications of trabeculectomy were included in the analysis, the increased risk of cataract for eyes with a first trabeculectomy reducedto 47% when complications did not occur (RR=1.47; P=.003) and increased to104% when complications did occur (RR=2.04; P < .001). Several specific postoperative complications of trabeculectomy were associated with increased risk of cataract, particularly marked inflammation (RR=3.29; P < .001) and flat anterior chamber (RR=1.80; P=.004). Trabeculectomy with complications was also significantly associated with an increased risk of cataract in each of 3 lens regions: nuclear, cortical, and posterior subcapsular. Conclusions: In eyes of AGIS patients, after adjustment for age and diabetes, trabeculectomy increased the risk of cataract formation by 78%.

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