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Cost minimization analysis of antiepileptic drugs in newly diagnosed epilepsy in 12 European countries
Heaney, DC; Shorvon, SD; Sander, JWAS; Boon, P; Komarek, V; Marusic, P; Dravet, C; Perucca, E; Majkowski, J; Lima, JL; Arroyo, S; Tomson, T; Ried, S; van Donselaar, C; Eskazan, E; Peeters, P; Carita, P; Tjong-a-Hung, I; Myon, E; Taieb, C;
Natl Hosp Neurol & Neurosurg, London WC1N 3BG, England Natl Hosp Neurol & Neurosurg London England WC1N 3BG n WC1N 3BG, England State Univ Ghent Hosp, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium State Univ Ghent Hosp GhentBelgium B-9000 t Hosp, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium Clin Child Neurol FN Motol, Prague, Czech Republic Clin Child Neurol FN Motol Prague Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic Ctr St Paul, Marseille, France Ctr St Paul Marseille FranceCtr St Paul, Marseille, France Univ Pavia, I-27100 Pavia, Italy Univ Pavia Pavia Italy I-27100Univ Pavia, I-27100 Pavia, Italy Orlowski State Clin Hosp 1, Warsaw, Poland Orlowski State Clin Hosp 1 Warsaw Poland te Clin Hosp 1, Warsaw, Poland Hosp Santo Antonio, Porto, Portugal Hosp Santo Antonio Porto PortugalHosp Santo Antonio, Porto, Portugal Hosp Clin & Prov, Barcelona, Spain Hosp Clin & Prov Barcelona SpainHosp Clin & Prov, Barcelona, Spain Karolinska Hosp, S-10401 Stockholm, Sweden Karolinska Hosp Stockholm Sweden S-10401 Hosp, S-10401 Stockholm, Sweden Schweizer Epilepsy Klin, Zurich, Switzerland Schweizer Epilepsy Klin Zurich Switzerland sy Klin, Zurich, Switzerland St Clara Ziekenhuis, Rotterdam, Netherlands St Clara Ziekenhuis Rotterdam Netherlands nhuis, Rotterdam, Netherlands Cerrapasa Fac Med, Istanbul, Turkey Cerrapasa Fac Med Istanbul TurkeyCerrapasa Fac Med, Istanbul, Turkey Quintiles SA, Levallois, France Quintiles SA Levallois FranceQuintiles SA, Levallois, France Sanofi Synthelabo, Paris, France Sanofi Synthelabo Paris FranceSanofi Synthelabo, Paris, France
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, volume: 41, anno: 2000, supplemento:, 5
pagine: S37 - S44
epilepsy; cost minimization; direct costs; societal perspective; European;
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Life Sciences
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Indirizzo: Heaney, DC Homerton Hosp, NHS Trust, Reg Neurorehabil Unit, Homerton Row, London E9 6SR, England Homerton Hosp Homerton Row London England E9 6SR 6SR, England
D.C. Heaney et al., "Cost minimization analysis of antiepileptic drugs in newly diagnosed epilepsy in 12 European countries", EPILEPSIA, 41, 2000, pp. S37-S44


A recent United Kingdom cost minimization analysis (CMA) of four antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) used to treat newly diagnosed adult epilepsy demonstratedthat a new drug, lamotrigine (LTG), incurred higher costs than carbamazepine (CBZ), phenytoin (PHT), and valproate (VPA), whose costs were similar. This analysis took account of each drug's side effect and tolerability profile. The present analysis investigated the costs of treatment with LTG, CBZ,PI-IT, and VPA in 12 European countries. Data were derived from published sources and from a panel of locally based experts. When no published data were available, estimates were obtained using expert opinion by a consensus method. These data were incorporated into a treatment pathway model, which considered the treatment of patients during the first 12 months after diagnosis. The primary outcome considered was seizure freedom. Randomized controlled trials demonstrate that the drugs considered are equally effective in terms of their ability to achieve seizure freedom, and thus the most appropriate form of economic evaluation is a CMA. These trials provided data on the incidence of side effects, dosages, and retention rates. The economic perspective taken was that of society as a whole and the analysis was calculated on an "intent-to-treat" basis. Only direct medical costs were considered. In each country considered, LTG was twofold to threefold more expensive than the other drugs considered. A sensitivity analysis demonstrated that varying each of the assumptions (range defined by expert panels) did not significantly alter the results obtained.

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