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Effect of cultivar and cultural practices on grain yield and bread-making quality of winter wheat
Sip, V; Skorpik, M; Chrpova, J; Sottnikova, V; Bartova, S;
Res Inst Crop Prod, CR-16106 Prague 6, Czech Republic Res Inst Crop Prod Prague Czech Republic 6 6106 Prague 6, Czech Republic
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fascicolo: 4, volume: 46, anno: 2000,
pagine: 159 - 167
bread wheat; grain yield; grain quality characters; genotype and environmental effects; effects of management practices;
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Agriculture,Biology & Environmental Sciences
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Indirizzo: Sip, V Res Inst Crop Prod, Drnovska 507, CR-16106 Prague 6, Czech RepublicRes Inst Crop Prod Drnovska 507 Prague Czech Republic 6 h Republic
V. Sip et al., "Effect of cultivar and cultural practices on grain yield and bread-making quality of winter wheat", ROSTLIN VYR, 46(4), 2000, pp. 159-167


Effect of cultivar and cultural practices on grain yield and grain qualitycharacters was studied in field trials with seven Czech bread wheat cultivars of winter habit (Tab. I) grown at two locations ibr two years (Tab. II)and with eight variants of treatment during vegetation: additional N nutrition (50 + 50 kg N/ha), application of growth regulator Retacel (2 l/ha) and fungicide Tango (1 l/ha), Cultural practices were applied according to the standard methodology. The results of ANOVA (Tab. III) demonstrated a higheffect of cultivar on traits of gluten quality (gluten index and gluten swelling), Zeleny sedimentation volume, filling number and thousand grain weight. In comparison with the effects of location, year and treatments duringvegetation, cultivar had a relatively lower effect on protein and wet gluten content and protein and grain yield. The effects of treatment during vegetation were highly significant with the exception of trails falling numberand thousand grain weight. Response of cultivars to treatments was found similar. The additional N nutrition had significant positive effect on protein content (increase by 1.55%), wet gluten content, Zeleny sedimentation volume and grain and protein yield, and negative effect evidently on gluten index (Tab. IV, Figs. 1 and 3). On average, N application caused 10.8% increase in grain yield and 27.2%, increase in protein yield per 1 ha. The cultivar Vlasta, registered in 1999, had in comparison with older cultivar Regina (registered in 1982) protein yield higher by 11%, which documents better utilization of N nutrients (Fig. 2). The application of growth regulator had positive effect on grain yield only when combined with additional N nutrition, but not in comparison with unrelated control variant. Cultivar differences in the response tc, this treatment had to be taken into account. in general, the application or fungicide did not influence significantly any ofthe examined traits, but a high resistance of a cultivar to powdery mildew(prevailing disease in these experiments) enabled to omit this treatment (cultivar Vlasta). Evidently in connection with the effects of additional N nutrition, Zeleny sedimentation volume was in all the cultivars significantly positively correlated with protein and wet gluten content (Tab. V). Relatively less dependent on the other examined grain quality traits were falling number and thousand grain weight. Principal component analysis was used to determine the contribution of six traits to the variance in Zeleny sedimentation volume (Fig. 4), First principal component, explaining 51.3% of variation in Zeleny sedimentation volume, was influenced positively by protein and wet gluten content and negatively by gluten swelling and gluten index. Second component (26.5% of variation) reached the highest values in conditions favourable for a high thousand grain weight and gluten swelling and low falling number. The presented results clearly document the importance ofadequate N nutrition fur obtaining high grain yield in combination with desirable breadmaking quality.

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