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Attachment and separation predictability and therapeutic objectives
Benhamou, H; Caron, P; Picchi, V;
Ctr Alfred Binet, F-75013 Paris, France Ctr Alfred Binet Paris France F-75013 lfred Binet, F-75013 Paris, France
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fascicolo: 2, volume: 42, anno: 1999,
pagine: 371 - 374
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Editorial Material
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Social & Behavioral Sciences
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Indirizzo: Benhamou, H Ctr Alfred Binet, 76 Ave Edison, F-75013 Paris, France Ctr Alfred Binet 76 Ave Edison Paris France F-75013 s, France
H. Benhamou et al., "Attachment and separation predictability and therapeutic objectives", PSYCHIAT EN, 42(2), 1999, pp. 371-374


Recent developments in the United States and in Europe concerning the attachment theory, both as it pertains to the child and to the adult, have mobilized the psychoanalysts of the Alfred Binet Center. Interested by these new theoretical and clinical contributions, they have proposed to create an exchange with their American colleagues in regard to their respective work which can, be integrated in various conceptual frameworks. The theories and research, initiated most notably by Mary Main and Jude Cassidy confirm, for example, that by using an experimental situation of separation experienced by the young child (the strange situation), it is possible to predict behaviors and fantasies which will make their appearance in the subject many years later. Or yet again, that it might be possible, by using a codified interview (the Adult Attachment Interview) to predict the types of attachment that the subject will establish with his or her baby. Many other questions exist as well among which the main ones for the clinicianconcern the possible implications of such experimental and theoretical models of attachment for practical psychotherapeutic indications. It was as thus that in July 1998 the first Franco-American workshops Lc;ere organized at the Alfred Binet Center on the following theme: "Attachment and Separation. Predictability and Therapeutic Objectives", After two introductory days of work in small groups with the American researchers and practicians, a colloquium teas held at the Senat in Paris on the 4th of July and it proved to be a great success,The presentation given by Jude Cassidy, of the University of Maryland, which proposed attachment as a stage toward representations, was followed by the interesting discussion of Colette Chiland which is published in the following pages. The work of Henry Massie and Nathan Szajnberg, psychoanalytically-orientedclinicians and researchers from the University of California in San Francisco, was also presented. These two men carried out an impressive longitudinal study of the evolution of six hyperactive children from their birth tillthe age of thirty. Michel Ody and Michel Vincent of Alfred Binet Center provided a stimulating discussion of these elements of research which question the organicist position so often proferred, especially in the USA in regard to ADHD (Atterttion Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders). The works published hereafter deal most specifically with psycho-therapeutic practice and begin with the presentation of two mother-child treatments carried out by Michele Pollak-Cornillot and Francoise Moggio- Gerstle of the Alfred Binet Center, and another one carried out by Arietta Slade of New York City University. The articles published in this Issue of Psychiatrie de l'enfant provide only a partial glimpse of the many fruitful exchanges which took place duringthe France-American workshop days.

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