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The radiological exposure of man from radioactivity in the Baltic Sea
Nielsen, SP; Bengtson, P; Bojanowsky, R; Hagel, P; Herrmann, J; Ilus, E; Jakobson, E; Motiejunas, S; Panteleev, Y; Skujina, A; Suplinska, M;
Riso Natl Lab, Nucl Safety Res Dept, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark Riso Natl Lab Roskilde Denmark DK-4000 s Dept, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark Natl Radiat Protect Inst, S-17116 Stockholm, Sweden Natl Radiat Protect Inst Stockholm Sweden S-17116 7116 Stockholm, Sweden Inst Oceanol, PL-81712 Sopot, Poland Inst Oceanol Sopot Poland PL-81712Inst Oceanol, PL-81712 Sopot, Poland Netherlands Inst Fisheries Res, NL-1970 AB Ijmuiden, Netherlands Netherlands Inst Fisheries Res Ijmuiden Netherlands NL-1970 AB therlands Fed Maritime & Hydrograph Agcy, D-20305 Hamburg, Germany Fed Maritime & Hydrograph Agcy Hamburg Germany D-20305 Hamburg, Germany Radiat & Nucl Safety Author, FIN-00881 Helsinki, Finland Radiat & Nucl Safety Author Helsinki Finland FIN-00881 Helsinki, Finland Estronian Radiat Protect Ctr, EE-0004 Tallinn, Estonia Estronian Radiat Protect Ctr Tallinn Estonia EE-0004 04 Tallinn, Estonia Minist Environm Protect, LT-2602 Vilnius, Lithuania Minist Environm Protect Vilnius Lithuania LT-2602 602 Vilnius, Lithuania VG Khlopin Radium Inst, St Petersburg 194021, Russia VG Khlopin Radium Inst St Petersburg Russia 194021 rsburg 194021, Russia Lielriga Reg Environm Board, LV-1045 Riga, Latvia Lielriga Reg Environm Board Riga Latvia LV-1045 rd, LV-1045 Riga, Latvia Cent Lab Radiat Protect, PL-03194 Warsaw, Poland Cent Lab Radiat Protect Warsaw Poland PL-03194 , PL-03194 Warsaw, Poland
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, volume: 238, anno: 1999,
pagine: 133 - 141
Baltic Sea; marine environment; radionuclides; radiation doses;
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Agriculture,Biology & Environmental Sciences
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Indirizzo: Nielsen, SP Riso Natl Lab, Nucl Safety Res Dept, NUK-114, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark Riso Natl Lab NUK-114 Roskilde Denmark DK-4000 kilde, Denmark
S.P. Nielsen et al., "The radiological exposure of man from radioactivity in the Baltic Sea", SCI TOTAL E, 238, 1999, pp. 133-141


A radiological assessment has been carried out considering discharges of radioactivity to the Baltic Sea marine environment since 1950. The sources of radioactivity that have been evaluated are atmospheric nuclear-weapons fallout, fallout from the Chernobyl accident in 1986, discharges of radionuclides from Sellafield and La Hague transported into the Baltic Sea, and discharges of radionuclides from nuclear installations located in the Baltic Sea area. Dose rates from man-made radioactivity to individual members of thepublic (critical groups) have been calculated based on annual intake of seafood and beach occupancy time. The dose rates to individuals from the regions of the Bothnian Sea and Gulf of Finland are predicted to be larger thanfrom any other area in the Baltic Sea due to the pattern of Chernobyl fallout. The dose rates are predicted to have peaked in 1986 at a value of 0.2 mSv year(-1). Collective committed doses to members of the public have beencalculated based on fishery statistics and predicted concentrations of radionuclides in biota and coastal sediments. The total collective dose from man-made radioactivity in the Baltic Sea is estimated at 2600 manSv, of which approximately two-thirds originate from Chernobyl fallout, approximately one-quarter from atmospheric nuclear-weapons fallout, approximately 8% fromEuropean reprocessing facilities, and approximately 0.04% from nuclear installations bordering the Baltic Sea area. An assessment of small-scale dumping of low-level radioactive waste in the Baltic Sea in the 1960s by Swedenand the Soviet Union has showed that doses to man from these activities are negligible. Dose rates and doses from natural radioactivity dominate except for the year 1986 where dose rates to individuals from Chernobyl falloutin some regions of the Baltic Sea approached those from natural radioactivity. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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