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Starch content in grain of selected winter wheat varieties
Petr, J; Novotna, D; Capouchova, I; Famera, O;
Prague Agr Univ, CR-16521 Prague, Czech Republic Prague Agr Univ Prague Czech Republic CR-16521 21 Prague, Czech Republic
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fascicolo: 3, volume: 45, anno: 1999,
pagine: 145 - 148
starch; wheat; varieties; conditions of cultivation;
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Agriculture,Biology & Environmental Sciences
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Indirizzo: Petr, J Prague Agr Univ, CR-16521 Prague, Czech Republic Prague Agr Univ Prague Czech Republic CR-16521 e, Czech Republic
J. Petr et al., "Starch content in grain of selected winter wheat varieties", ROSTLIN VYR, 45(3), 1999, pp. 145-148


In two-year trials the starch content in selected set of winter wheat varieties listed in the Slate Varietal Book of the Czech Republic was studied. Screening of the whole set of varieties was conducted in ecological conditions without fertilization and pesticides applied. Moreover, starch content of new wheat varieties, wheat varieties from different localities of the Czech Republic - experimental test rooms of the Central Control and Testing Institute for Agriculture was investigated. Furthermore, wheat varieties cultivated at various intensity, i.e. without fertilizers and pesticides, withfertilization of 96 kg N, 60 kg P2O5, 60 kg K2O per I ha were analyzed, seed was treated and herbicide was applied. At higher intensity fungicide, insecticide and growth regulator were applied in addition. In most of trials the Varieties Samanta, Siria, Astella, Saskia, Torysa, Trane, Versailles and Estica had higher starch content (Tabs I, II, III). In the Trane varieties which had otherwise high gluten content, gluten was badly washing out what had an unfavourable effect on the technology of starch production. Out ofthe trials conducted in various regions of the Czech Republic the varieties Siria, Trane and Samanta had higher starch content in potato and fodder crop growing regions (Tab. IV) had higher starch content. The prerequisite has been thus confirmed that it would be possible to cultivate wheat for starch production purposes in the so-called marginal regions. All varieties inwhich higher starch content was recorded are recommended for growing in these regions and offer here high yields. The effect of various intensity of cultivation (Tab. V) was not manifested significantly on the starch content. At this way of cultivation bad washing out of gluten from flour was manifested in some varieties. Wheat yield, and hence also total starch production per 1 ha, was significantly higher at medium and high intensity of cultivation which is also recommended due to better technological properties during gluten washing out.

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