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Development of a computer system to genetic mating indication in dairy cattle
Lopes, MA; Souki, GQ; Mourao, GB; Machado, AC; Hardoim, PC;
Univ Fed Lavras, Dept Vet Med, BR-37200000 Lavras, MG, Brazil Univ Fed Lavras Lavras MG Brazil BR-37200000 BC7200000 Lavras, MG, Brazil
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, , anno: 1998,
pagine: 861 - 864
computer science; corrective matings; livestock production; sire;
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Agriculture,Biology & Environmental Sciences
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Indirizzo: Lopes, MA Univzild Lavras, Dept Vet Med, Caixa Postal 37, BR-37200000 Lavras, MG, Bra Univ Fed Lavras Caixa Postal 37 Lavras MG Brazil BR-37200000 BCa
M.A. Lopes et al., "Development of a computer system to genetic mating indication in dairy cattle", COMPUTERS IN AGRICULTURE, 1998, 1998, pp. 861-864


The choice of sire and females in the mating phase is fundamental to get good products. As best is the product of that corrective mating, best will be the performance of the new generations and the results obtained in the production. Linked to milk production or type, the main traits compose a goodanimal can be reached starting from an appropriate mating. The choice of the ideal sire, the definition of objectives, besides other factors determines the degree of genetic evolution of the animals. Due to the great number of details and the attention demanded when choosing the semen of a sire fora certain cow or groups of cows, seeking the correction of those undesirable traits in the next generation, such work turns plenty complex, delayed and subject to errors. That software was developed with the objective of attenuating such added difficulties, facilitating and activating the process and placing available to the farmer, faster and precise results. The software is composed of two databases, contend the traits of the cows and sires. The user can register the cow phenotypic traits, detailing the whole corporal conformation (mammary system, croup, legs and feet) and production, identifying the qualities and defects. Both the evaluations of cow production and conformation, fundamental in order to choice the ideal sire. In the same way, the sire genetics traits and the prices of the semen can be registered. Knowing the cow production and its conformation, the software selects thesires objectively according to each creator's personal specifications. Similar to a service of matrimonial agency, where the candidates' preferences are combined, in search of the ideal union, the managed corrective mating program, looks for the best possible mating, among available cows and sires,making the best indication of the sire, assisting to the expectations.

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