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Rooting, water uptake, and xylem structure adaptation to drought of two sorghum cultivars
Salih, AA; Ali, IA; Lux, A; Luxova, M; Cohen, Y; Sugimoto, Y; Inanaga, S;
Arid Land Res Ctr, Tottori 680, Japan Arid Land Res Ctr Tottori Japan 680 rid Land Res Ctr, Tottori 680, Japan Agr Res Corp, Soil & Water Res Ctr, Wad Medani, Sudan Agr Res Corp Wad Medani Sudan , Soil & Water Res Ctr, Wad Medani, Sudan Comenius Univ, Fac Nat Sci, Dept Plant Physiol, Bratislava 84215, SlovakiaComenius Univ Bratislava Slovakia 84215 siol, Bratislava 84215, Slovakia Slovak Acad Sci, Inst Bot, Bratislava 84223, Slovakia Slovak Acad Sci Bratislava Slovakia 84223 ot, Bratislava 84223, Slovakia Agr Res Org, Volcani Ctr, Inst Soils & Water, IL-50250 Bet Dagan, Israel Agr Res Org Bet Dagan Israel IL-50250 Water, IL-50250 Bet Dagan, Israel
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fascicolo: 1, volume: 39, anno: 1999,
pagine: 168 - 173
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Agriculture,Biology & Environmental Sciences
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Indirizzo: Ali, IA Arid Land Res Ctr, 1390 Hamasaka, Tottori 680, Japan Arid Land ResCtr 1390 Hamasaka Tottori Japan 680 tori 680, Japan
A.A. Salih et al., "Rooting, water uptake, and xylem structure adaptation to drought of two sorghum cultivars", CROP SCI, 39(1), 1999, pp. 168-173


Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the high toleranc of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L,) Moench] to drought. This paper reports a field study on the effects of soil moisture stress on the rooting habits, transpiration rate, and xylem anatomy of two sorghum cultivars, Tabat (drought susceptible) and Gadambalia (drought tolerant), Two levels of water stress, -0.02 MPa (Het) and -0.75 MPa (dry), were applied. Tabat had a higher root length density (RLD), higher late metaxylem (LMX) vessels per nodal root, higher leaf area, and higher transpiration rate than Gadambalia, In Tabat, coil moisture stress reduced RLD by 30%, nodal roots by 31%, number of LMX vessels in the root by 42&, leaf area by 13%, and transpiration rate by 11%. In Gadambalia soil moisture stress did not affect RLD at depths greater than or equal to 0.2 m, number of nodal roots, or number of LMX vessels per nodalroot. However, leaf area and transpiration rate were reduced by 3 and 11%,respectively. Under dry conditions, Gadambalia displayed a higher water extraction efficiency than Tabat throughout the profile (0-0.9 m),In Gadambalia, unlike Tabat, the stem Has highly sclerified, A 1- to 3-cell-thick layer of schlerenchyma was observed beneath the epidermis. The peripheral vascular bundles Here surrounded with a 3- to 6-cell-thick schlerenchyma sheath. However, in roots anatomical differences were less prominent. Drought tolerance in Gadambalia is associated with higher water extraction efficiency, fewer nodal roots per plant, fewer LMX vessels per nodal root, a smaller leaf area, and a well developed sclerenchyma.

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